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PSRi provides independent, and objective analysis of public sector ITC markets

We help our clients grow by providing the insights they need to make better business decisions.

Consulting Services

From high level sales and marketing planning to tactical program development and execution – and everything in between – PSRi has the experience and knowledge to assist your staff, or fill current resource gaps in your organization.
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Market Intelligence

Tasked with increasing sales and market share in the public sector? Let us help you. We’ve created (and continue maintaining) a comprehensive knowledge base about Government of Canada information technology plans, budgets, spending and needs.
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Special Projects

Not every project you have, or research need, will always fit within our standard subscription services. No worries – If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We’ll tailor our services, or that special market survey you want, and provide you with a customized project plan for it.
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We Are PSRi

For over 20 years PSRi has met the need for top-line market intelligence and in-depth, insightful analysis of the Canadian public sector market for major communication companies, IT vendors and system integrators, as well as for numerous small and medium enterprise IT consulting firms. Our clients are able to increase market share and revenue from public sector markets.

Our Approach

Through a combination of primary and secondary research, one-on-one discussions with senior government ITC officials, surveys and other data collection processes, PSRi provides top-line market intelligence and comprehensive analysis of the Canadian public sector markets, in particular the Government of Canada (GoC).

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GoC ITC Spending 2013

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